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This community is mainly for the Angel Hunt and Streifen RPs that have mature themes
Since all of Angel Hunt interact with others, you will also find RPs of others as well when done and in relation to ongoing events.

Hunted Angel

Membership is moderated, but feel free to join and we'll approve as long as the following criteria is met :

When you put in a membership request, this is what we do:

  • We look at your LJ. We want to make sure that you already have invested interest in the hobby or the genre of things we do. Having a blank journal and just listing BJD's or yaoi in your interests is not enough. You don't need to have a doll, but you just need to understand the hobby somewhat or the yaoi genre.
  • We look at your birthdate in your profile. Any new members who are not 18+ will not get approved. No birthdate/age - no approval.

If you feel you should be approved anyway but your journal doesn't reflect what we are asking for, please comment here and we will handle it on a case-by-case basis. If you are on DoA, your username would be helpful.

+ Info +
Hunted Angel is devoted to putting up the ongoing RP adventures between the Angel Hunt crew and Streifen crew. Sometimes other houses may join in.

The Events mostly center around Jenova and Aki.

The back story of Angel Hunt and Streifen are located at their respective websites [Click on the banners above]